Kimberly Reynolds Kelly

Kimberly Reynolds Kelly, Affiliated Faculty

Department of Human Development

1250 Bellflower Boulevard

California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach, CA 90815


Phone: 978-821-8708


Kimberly Reynolds Kelly is Assistant Professor in Human Development at California State University, Long Beach. A former postdoctoral fellow, she is now affiliated faculty on the Dynamic Language Learning Progressions project at UCLA in conjunction with the WIDA ASSETS consortium. Dr. Reynolds Kelly’s research interests explore the socioemotional influences on child linguistic and cognitive development, parent-child interactions during narrative conversations, relations between students’ spoken and written language, and language assessment. As a former National Institute of Mental Health predoctoral fellow, Dr. Reynolds Kelly has presented her research at numerous national and international conferences, and she has work published in First Language and Educational Policy and forthcoming in Merrill-Palmer Quarterly.